Scuba Diver’s 15-Piece Garage Kit

Operate these popular utility tools off your scuba tank and regulator! No air compressor required!

  • Inflate your car and bike tires

  • Inflate your soccer ball

  • Blow off your workbench

  • Blow up balloons

Expand your kit with additional pneumatic tools and the possibilities are limitless!

  • Operate nail guns

  • Paint your fence with a paint sprayer

  • Grind rust off metal

  • Spackle your walls

The coiled air hose has been adapted to fit the LP port of a scuba diver’s regulator.

This kit includes: Blow Gun, Ball Foot Chuck, Tire Gauge, Male I/M Plugs (x2), Female I/M Plug, Male Coupling, Female Coupling, Safety Nozzle, Tapered Inflator Tip, Inflation Needles (x2), Rubber Blow Gun Tip, 25 ft (7.62 m) Nylon Recoil Hose, and Universal Coupler.

The Female I/M Plug, Male Coupling, and Female Coupling are extra to allow for expansion of your kit. Match with other tools and accessories of the same style and size.


  • Size: ¼” NPT male and female threads

  • Style: I/M Industrial

I/M is interchangeable with:

  • Campbell Hausfeld - I/M styles

  • Milton - M styles

  • Amflo - Type D

  • Camel - Type D

  • Truflate - I/M Styles


  • This product is designed for use on a low-pressure port of properly functioning scuba regulator. The ideal pressure is 90-140 PSI (6-9.7 BAR). DO NOT EXCEED 150 PSI (10 BAR).

  • Your regulator’s first stage must be equipped with an over-pressure (O/P) relief valve. In the event of a first stage malfunction, the O/P valve will engage, preventing dangerous hose rupture. If you have a second stage attached to the regulator’s first stage, it will act as an O/P valve. If you do not have the regulator’s second stage attached, then you will need to install an O/P Valve (p/n AC395 or AC396).

  • Eye and hearing protection required.