2 fl. oz. Concentrate Salt Solution Bottle (Logo)

Brand: 500PSI

2 fl. oz. Concentrate Salt Solution Bottle 

500 PSI Salt removal solution are products designed to effectively remove salt deposits or residues from various surfaces or materials. 500 PSI Salt Solution is particularly useful in environments where saltwater, such as seawater, is prevalent or where salt-based substances have accumulated.

 This 2 oz. concentrate mixes with 5 gallons of water to produce an excellent product for the removal of Salt Build-up on ALL scuba diving related equipment.

500 PSI Salt removal solution contains ingredients that help dissolve and break down salt crystals or deposits, making it easier to remove them. 500 PSI Salt Solution can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including boats, vehicles, equipment, windows, and other areas affected by salt buildup.


500 PSI Salt removal solution can be beneficial for several reasons:


  1. Protection against corrosion: Salt deposits can accelerate corrosion on metal surfaces. By removing salt buildup, 500 PSI Salt Solution helps prevent or minimize corrosion damage and extend the lifespan of the treated surfaces.


  1. Improved performance: Salt accumulation on equipment, machinery, or vehicles can hinder their performance. Removing salt residues can help restore optimal functionality and efficiency.


  1. Aesthetic appeal: Salt deposits can leave unsightly stains or residue on surfaces, impacting their appearance. 500 PSI Salt removal solution helps restore the cleanliness and visual appeal of the treated areas.


  1. Maintenance of equipment: Regular 500 PSI Salt removal can help maintain the integrity and performance of various equipment and machinery, especially those used in marine or coastal environments.


Overall, 500 PSI Salt removal solution offers an effective and convenient way to eliminate salt deposits and prevent potential damage caused by salt buildup. Regular use of 500 PSI Salt Solution can help preserve the condition and appearance of surfaces exposed to saltwater or salt-based substances.