5 Must Pack Items for a Red Sea Live Aboard

5 Must Pack Items for a Red Sea Live Aboard

September 26, 2019

Now that we're back from OTA's most recent Red Sea trip there are a few items I was glad to have, a few I wish I had, and a few I could have left behind.  We'll cover the rest in future posts!  

Here are 5 items I would not have done without!  

1. Towel - this is a solid must! Not only is a big, soft towel amazing for when you exit the water, a towel can be used as a blanket, a pillow, and substitute for a piece of clothing! It can save your place on the sun deck, make a fashion statement, and shield you from those harmful UV rays! Don't forget your towel.  

2. Lip Balm - gotta have this for a week on a boat in the Red Sea!  You are wet + the wind is blowing = chapped lips!  Get the UV blocker kind plus some fun flavors and you are good to go!

3. Drinks - If you want to end your dive day with Rum Runner or Mojito, you have got to bring it with you.  Bubble wrap it and put it in a dry bag right into your checked luggage.  

4. Defog - I need defog. My saliva doesn't work, dish soap doesn't work, I need a good, thick defog to keep me seeing clear.  Plus everyone else forgot theirs, you become the most popular person on the dive deck!  

5. External Hard Drive - With all the sharks, dolphins, and diver antics, I took tons of photos.  And if you are like me, you shoot now and look later so storage is important and super necessary.  I shoot JPG and RAW so that I can adjust away when I get home so a one Terabyte hard drive is imperative!  

 What are your must-have items for a live aboard boat?  Let us know in the comments below!