About us

Are you tired of paying too much and getting no service from your dive equipment shop? Well then good news, Jeanne and Morad invite you to step Outside The Asylum and come see us! We promise to provide you with the best dive equipment for the lowest prices! We will match any authorized dealers advertised price!!

Getting Outside the Asylum is our passion in life and diving.  We love to be underwater, whether it's in a swimming pool or a tropical reef were most at home beneath the surface.  

We have traveled the world for many years to see what divers really are wearing and what gear works best in a variety of different environments. Whether diving relaxing shallow reefs or trying to get to the bottom of the sea we have the best products for the best prices guaranteed!

We are located in Houston, Texas where you will find us helping new as well as existing divers enjoy the underwater world. We still teach and love introducing the world to the underwater paradises that await them.

By buying at Outside The Asylum Diving and Travel you can support your local dive center from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere the scuba bug may find you!

We are divers that still dive and teach every chance we get!!! With over 25 years of diving and well over 10,000 Ocean/Sea dives between us. We know what works underwater and what doesn't. We travel the globe testing new items to bring the best to you. While we might not have every brand and item, know that we won't sell an item that we would not dive ourselves. 

It's this commitment to excellence that separates Outside The Asylum from the rest. That's why we say, any shop can do a great job of getting you ready for the lake, only at Outside The Asylum Diving & Travel can you rest assured that when you leave our shop, you will be ready for the Sea.

Whether you need a new piece of SCUBA equipment, or you are looking for that once in a lifetime travel adventure, Outside The Asylum Diving and Travel promises to give you 110% guest satisfaction!