Diver Marker Buoy-All In One

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Brand: Mares

Mares All in One Diver Marker Buoy

Our new favorite Surface Marker Buoy!! 

Have you ever been on a dive and your buddy looks at you and tells you to look behind you, only to see that your reel has come undone and there is 60 feet of line dragging behind you? Never again with the new Mares All in One Marker Buoy!

The Mares Diver Marker Buoy All in One is a great all round dive marker that will keep you safe and visible while submerged. Standing at an impressive 180 cm tall and coming in a high visibility orange colour, the buoy is impossible to miss. The buoy also comes with 5 cm solas reflective tape and the words ‘DIVER BELOW’ printed in reflective material to make sure you’re visible at all times.

This All in One Buoy also comes with a 66 ft/20 m spool included with its own integrated mesh pocket to keep it secure when not in use.

The All in One also comes with a stainless steel double ender and D ring to make sure that the spool stays securely attached. Anyone who has lost a reel while diving will surely appreciate this feature!!

An over pressure valve on the buoy makes sure that it can never be over inflated while it also comes with a velcro closure system to keep it secure.

Key Benefits

  • 6 ft/180 cm Tall Standing at an impressive 6ft/180 cm tall this buoy stands out in the water and is highly visible even at a distance.
  • High Visibility The buoy comes in a high visibility orange colour making it almost impossible to miss for passing boats.
  • Solas Reflective Tape The buoy has 2 in/5 cm of solas reflective tape which makes seeing it in the water even easier while the buoy also has ‘DIVER BELOW’ printed in reflective material to make your presence clear to passers by.
  • 66 ft/20 m Spool The buoy comes with a 66 ft/20 m spool included, perfect for a variety of situations and helping you stay connected to the buoy easily.
  • Over Pressure Valve The All in One also has an over pressure valve which makes sure that the buoy can release any pressure if it is beginning to feel strain.
  • Oral Inflator Connector for LP BCD Hose The buoy comes with an oral inflator connector which allows it to be inflated with a low pressure BCD hose.

Who is the Mares All in One Diver Marker Buoy -  For? - EVERYONE!!

We've always believed that the Surface Marker Buoy is the most important piece of safety equipment that a diver can carry, so much so that they are a mandatory item on any OTA group trip! The Mares All in One Diver Marker Buoy  is a perfect choice if you’re looking for the premiere diver marker buoy. With outstanding features which make it easy to see and effective in the water, this buoy is one of the best available. Standing at an impressive 180 cm, this highly visible buoy works with you to make your diving experience safe and practical.

Who is Mares?

Since being founded in Italy in 1949, Mares has become a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of state-of-the-art diving equipment, and continually sets new industry standards. They continue to invest in innovation, research and expertise almost 70 years after they were founded and are an industry leader that can be trusted to be quality.