XS/Thermo DIN Valve Insert

Brand: XS Scuba

XS/Thermo DIN Insert

Make your tank doubly effective! This allows Divers to use a Standard DIN Valve for both a DIN and a Yoke Regulator

Choose the classic insert or the new Black plated PVD insert for that polished look in your SCUBA Cylinders. 

Both the Viton and the EPDM are O2 compatible (check with the manufacture of your valve to see if it's O2 compatible) and are the perfect addition to your Save-A-Dive kit. Why go through all the hassle of changing an O-ring at the dive site when you can use an Allen key to change out your insert in seconds and not miss your dive. 

This way you can change your O-Ring back at home/Dive Shop in a much safer and sterile environment.  

These are the inserts recommended by both Thermo and XS Scuba for use in their valves. Don't be fooled by cheap imitation inserts.

What are EPDM O-Rings?

EPDM class O-rings are quickly become the standard in SCUBA because a less toxic material for cost-effective use in breathing air systems. EPDM is an elastomer with excellent weatherability, heat resistance, and odor-free characteristics. These are Nitrox rated for up to 40% O2

Please note that both EPDM and Viton are not recommended for use with petroleum lubricants so make sure you are using something like Kristo-Lube when re-lubricating the O-Rings, if needed.

The O-Rings are pre-lubricated and ready to go. These have the same PVD coating as the XS Scuba PRO Valve With PVD Finish for that perfect polished look that will make your tank stand out from the rest.