SSI Open Water Bundle Kit

Brand: SSI


Looking to get your Open Water Certification, why not do your Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty OR Perfect Buoyancy while you are at it? The Enriched Air Nitrox is the world's most popular Scuba certification behind only the Open Water Class!  

What does this course include?

1) Digital Open Water Manual and all certification fees, there are never hidden fees when taking your classes with OTA!

2) One evening of classroom instruction with an OTA Diving & Travel certified Instructor.

3) Up to three evenings of pool instruction to teach you all the skills to get you ready for your exciting Open Water Weekend! 

4) Two days of Open Water Diving on Saturday and Sunday to finish your Open Water Class and celebrate your new Open Water Certification!

5) A free digital logbook to record your experiences and save your amazing underwater memories in! 

6) All the SCUBA gear you need to successfully complete your course. This includes your Scuba Regulator and gauges, Buoyancy control device (BCD), and Dive Computer, Scuba Tanks, use of a surface marker buoy, and all weights and weight systems (we will never make you buy weights). 

7) Need a more flexible, personalized schedule? NO PROBLEM!  We can arrange for private lessons according to your schedule for less money than you think. Please call us at 855 OTA DIVE/855 682 3483 for more information. 

8) Courses can be done in as little as one week or over two weekends!

What is not included?

1) Your personal kit which consists of Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Boots, and a light wetsuit.

This price is valid if you purchase personal gear package, which consists of mask, fins, boots, snorkel, and wetsuit at OTA Diving.*  We have a great variety of items at the best possible price allowed by the manufacturers. We’ll match any authorized dealer’s pricing. You are purchasing your gear at the guaranteed lowest prices! 

 *If you do not purchase your personal gear package from us the price of the course is $995 dollars ($749.00 + $250 for the manual and certification fee).

2) Open Water Facility fees, these range from $20 to $40 per day depending on the facility.  

Want to perfect your trim and stability in the water?  ADD on the Perfect Buoyancy Course to your Open Water Certification! 


 Do you want to increase your buoyancy control, minimize your breathing gas consumption, or move effortlessly above the ocean floor? The SSI Perfect Buoyancy program teaches you the skills and techniques needed to maximize your dive experience, increase your comfort in the water, and get the most from your equipment. You will earn the SSI Perfect Buoyancy Specialty certification.

This program teaches you the skills and concepts required to improve your diving position, increase your buoyancy control, and minimize your breathing gas consumption rate.


Enriched Air Nitrox

Why dive Enriched Air/Nitrox? Because it allows you to do more of what you love! Diving with Enriched Air Nitrox allows you to dive longer, safer and more often! By increasing the Oxygen content of your breathing gas, you can stay down longer and safer. With Enriched Air you have a maximum depth that you can go to, so this is perfect for all of our recreational shallow divers!

The Enriched Air Nitrox program will teach you how to safely plan and dive with enriched air mixtures of up to 40% oxygen. Diving with enriched air can increase your no-decompression limits, increase your safety, and reduce the required length of your surface intervals when compared to air. 

All your pre-study will be done online so you can complete on YOUR schedule. Once you are done you will come see us at Outside the Asylum and Travel and we will finish the course by showing you how to obtain and analyze your tanks. 


Benefits of Enriched Air/Nitrox 

Longer Bottom Times

Recreational Nitrox (21 - 40% oxygen) contains a lower percentage of nitrogen than air. The reduced percentage of nitrogen in recreational Nitrox allows divers to extend their no-decompression limits by reducing nitrogen absorption.
For example, according to the NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association) no-decompression dive tables, a diver using Nitrox 36 (or NOAA Nitrox II) may stay up to 50 minutes at 90 feet of sea water, while a diver using air may only stay a maximum of 30 minutes at this depth.

Shorter Surface Intervals

A diver using Nitrox absorbs less nitrogen on a given dive than one who uses air. This means that the Nitrox diver has less nitrogen to off-gas during the surface interval, which can shorten the required surface interval drastically. For example, a diver using Nitrox 32 can repeat a 50-minute dive to 60 feet after 41 minutes, while a diver using air must wait a minimum of 8 hours to repeat the same dive (using to NOAA's no decompression dive tables).

Longer Repetitive Dive Times

Nitrox becomes especially useful for divers who engage in more than one dive per a day. A diver using Nitrox will have a longer allowable bottom time on repetitive dives than a diver using air because the diver using Nitrox has absorbed less nitrogen.

For example, after a dive to 70 feet for 30 minutes, a diver using Nitrox 32 can stay at 70 feet for a maximum of 24 minutes if he immediately reenters the water. However, a diver performing the same series of dives on air may only stay at 70 feet for 19 minutes on his second dive (according to NOAA's no decompression dive tables).

Feeling Energized after Diving

Many divers claim to feel energized after a dive on Nitrox than with air. By reducing a diver's nitrogen absorption, Nitrox may also reduce a diver's post-dive exhaustion. This is not a proven fact, but enough divers claim to feel this effect that it is definitely a consideration.