SSI Advanced Open Water Bundle

$740.00 $580.00

Are you ready to take your diving to the next level?

With the SSI Advanced Open Water Bundle you will truly be an advanced diver! Let's take a look why:

With the other certification agency they require that you only do 5 dives to be considered an Advanced Open Water Diver while with SSI you need a minimum of 24 dives.

What does this mean to you the diver?

That means you are now truly an Advanced Diver vs a diver that learned a few advanced skills.

As someone who has worked as a professional diver on some of the best reefs in the world there is a reason why we require a minimum amount of dives to do the best dives without a private guide and this class will fulfill that minimum amount for almost every dive you would ever want to do! 

The best part about is that you do not have to finish all 24 dives to start doing those awesome dives! Because you are taking 4 FULL COURSES vs just doing one dive from 5 different courses, you will have all the proper training to do those once in a lifetime dives that you are craving while building up to your 24 dives! 

This class is also custom tailored to the classes that YOU WANT TO TAKE vs. what the certification agency wants you to take.

Interested in deep diving, awesome then we do a FULL DEEP COURSE, now you are certified to a maximum depth of 130 ft instead of just 100 ft.

Want to learn more about taking breathtaking photos and videos? Now you get all the instruction to record those amazing memories.

The choice is up to you! 

You get all this and a savings of up to $160 dollars off the OTA price if you took these courses separately!  This price includes the Online Portions of your classes, all of your dives (does not include admission into lake/boat/park etc) and all certification fees. Plus we will give you all the free air fills/tank rentals that you need to get to your 24 dives! Just bring your logbook so we can verify that you logged your dives and your AIR/TANK RENTAL IS FREE! That alone is worth up to an additional $192 dollars!!

Better take advantage of that offer before I regain my sanity, I must be spending too much time "Inside The Asylum"!!