Mares Puck 4 Dive Computer

Brand: Mares

Unleash Your Inner Explorer: Dive with Confidence with the Mares Puck 4

Calling all scuba enthusiasts and aspiring divers! Embark on unforgettable underwater adventures with the Mares Puck 4, the slimmest puck-style dive computer, which is a feature-packed dive computer designed for both ease of use and exceptional performance. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a curious newcomer, the Puck 4 equips you with the essential tools and information to navigate the depths with safety and confidence.

Uncompromising Safety with Advanced Algorithm:

At the heart of the Puck 4 lies the Mares-proven Bühlmann ZH-L16C algorithm, a sophisticated decompression model renowned for its accuracy and reliability. This advanced algorithm continuously calculates your decompression profile throughout your dive, ensuring you stay within safe ascent limits and avoid decompression sickness.

Tailored Dives for Every Adventure:

The Puck 4 goes beyond basic dive data. It empowers you to personalize your experience with user-adjustable gradient factors. This unique feature allows you to fine-tune the algorithm to match your personal diving style and preferences, maximizing your dive time while prioritizing safety.

Dive Deeper with Multigas Capability:

Are you a nitrox diver seeking to explore deeper underwater realms? The Puck 4 seamlessly adapts to your needs. It boasts multigas capability, allowing you to manage up to three nitrox mixes during your dive. This versatility makes the Puck 4 the perfect companion for technical divers or those venturing into deeper dives.

Crystal-Clear Information at a Glance:

The Mares Puck 4 prioritizes clear and intuitive data presentation. Its high-resolution segment display, powered by chip-on-glass technology, delivers crisp and easy-to-read dive information in various lighting conditions. With a single glance, you can access essential data points like current depth, no-decompression limit (NDL), decompression stops, and ascent rate, ensuring you stay informed and in control throughout your dive.

Built-In Bluetooth Dive Logging:

The Mares Puck 4 boasts a first for a computer at this price point. Seamlessly sync your Puck 4 to your bluetooth enabled device with the Mares App. Are you an SSI diver, interested in becoming one or just want a really cool Dive Log that puts you in touch with your nearest dive shop and get you free courses? Then download the SSI App and your dives will also automatically get logged to get you those free recognition awards like SSI Advanced Open Water, SSI Master Diver, SSI Century Diver and many many more! 

Effortless Navigation and Intuitive Controls:

The Mares Puck 4 eliminates unnecessary complexities. Its single-button user interface allows for smooth and intuitive navigation through menus and settings. Even for first-time users, the Puck 4's user-friendly design fosters a seamless learning curve, minimizing distractions and maximizing your underwater enjoyment.

Dive Log for Unforgettable Memories:

The Mares Puck 4 doesn't just guide your dives; it preserves them too. With a logbook capacity of 100 dives, you can store detailed information about each adventure, including profiles, maximum depth, and dive times. Plus, by connecting your Puck 4 to the Mares app via Bluetooth, you can download your dives, analyze them in detail, and even share them with fellow divers, creating a digital record of your underwater experiences.

Built to Last, Dive After Dive:

The Mares Puck 4 is a reliable companion built to endure the rigors of exploration. It features a user-replaceable battery, allowing you to conveniently swap out the power source for uninterrupted diving adventures. The Puck 4's durable construction ensures it can withstand the pressures and potential bumps that come with traversing the underwater world.

Dive into a World of Possibility:

The Mares Puck 4 is more than just a dive computer; it's a gateway to a world of underwater exploration. With its advanced features, user-friendly design, and emphasis on safety, the Puck 4 empowers you to confidently explore shipwrecks, encounter vibrant marine life, and discover the hidden beauty of the underwater world.

Available in a variety of colors to match your style, the Mares Puck 4 is the perfect dive computer for anyone seeking a feature-rich and reliable companion for their underwater adventures.