Fourth Element Proteus II Womens 5mm Wetsuit



The Proteus II is the highest performing wetsuit on the market. Available in 3mm and 5mm, the Proteus II is often the benchmark to which other suits are compared in terms of warmth.

For cooler waters




A More OceanPositive Neoprene

Limestone Neoprene

During the neoprene production process, limestone is used to replace petrochemicals to form rubber chips. You achieve the same performance as traditional neoprene, but with way less environmental impact.

Recycled Rubber

One of the key ingredients of neoprene, Eco Carbon Black, is recycled by our wetsuit factory from post-consumer scrap tyres. This significantly reduces energy consumption and cuts CO2 emissions by 200g per wetsuit.

After the neoprene creation process, the redundant trimmed materials will be recycled and reused in the mixing process to produce more neoprene sheets. Overall huge amounts of raw materials are saved, energy consumption is reduced and waste water and air emissions are minimised during production.

Hydrolock neck system

A second, over-head closure to minimise water ingress.

Taped seams

As well as being glued and stitched, taping ensures seals are waterproof.

Glideskin wrist seals

Create a barrier at the wrist to prevent water entering.

Hexcore torso lining

Plush lining on the core for prolonged water exposure.


Proteus II is the go-to wetsuit for many professional and commercial divers. WHY?
Because ten years on, Proteus II is still the highest performing and warmest wetsuit on the market.

Alex Kydd

Award Winning Photographer & Free Dive Instructor

Jill Heineth

Cave Diver, Explorer, Writer, Photographer & Film-Maker

Amanda Cotton

Photographer & Conservationist

Andy Torbet

TV Presenter, Explorer & Deep Diver

Watch the Proteus II in action in this stunning underwater short film