Bare Men's Exowear Jacket

Brand: Bare


Stay Warm and Dry in the Elements with the Bare Exowear Jacket

The Bare Exowear Jacket is a top-of-the-line exposure protection garment designed for multi-sport use in challenging environments. Whether you're kayaking, paddleboarding, sailing, or braving the elements on the open water, the Exowear Jacket will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable.

Maximum Thermal Protection:

The Bare Exowear Jacket utilizes cutting-edge OMNIRED Infrared Technology to provide exceptional thermal protection. OMNIRED converts your body heat into infrared energy and reflects it back towards you, creating a radiant warmth that keeps you comfortable even in cold water.

Three-Layer Fabric Defense:

The Exowear Jacket boasts a three-layer fabric construction that shields you from the harshest weather conditions. The outer layer repels water, while the windproof membrane keeps out chilly breezes. The inner layer is breathable and wicks away moisture to prevent clamminess.

Here's a closer look at the three-layer construction:

  • Durable Water Repellent (DWR) Finish: The outer layer features a DWR finish that beads up and repels water, keeping you dry during light rain or spray.
  • Windproof Membrane: The middle layer is a windproof membrane that stops wind chills and helps you retain heat.
  • Breathable, Wicking Inner Layer: The inner layer is soft and comfortable against your skin. It wicks moisture away from your body and allows sweat vapor to escape, preventing you from overheating during exertion.

Additional Features:

  • Anti-Microbial Properties: The Exowear Jacket incorporates anti-microbial properties that help to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria, keeping your jacket fresher for longer.
  • Quick Drying: The three-layer fabric is designed to dry quickly, so you won't be left feeling chilled and damp after your water adventure.
  • Neutrally Buoyant: The Exowear Jacket is designed to be neutrally buoyant, meaning it requires minimal to no lead when compared to neoprene suits. 
  • Front Zip Closure: The front zip closure allows for easy on and off, even when wearing layers underneath.

User Reviews:

The Bare Exowear Jacket has received excellent reviews from satisfied users. One user highlights, "This jacket is fantastic! It kept me warm and dry on a long kayaking trip in chilly weather. The material is high quality and feels great on." With an average rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars, the Exowear Jacket is a popular choice for water sports enthusiasts who demand the best in warmth, protection, and comfort.

Value for Money:

The Bare Exowear Jacket falls within the typical price range for high-performance exposure protection garments. Considering the exceptional thermal protection, three-layer weather defense system, and user-friendly features, the Exowear Jacket delivers excellent value for money.

In Conclusion:

The Bare Exowear Jacket is a premium exposure protection garment that is perfect for scuba divers, snorkelers, kayakers, paddleboarders, sailors, and anyone who enjoys spending time on the water in challenging conditions. With its advanced thermal technology, three-layer weather defense system, and user-centric features, the Exowear Jacket will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable throughout your water adventures.