Bare Exowear Hooded Vest Unisex

Brand: Bare

Designed for all of your aquatic multisport adventures, the BARE Exowear Hooded Vest lets you stay warm during every surf, snorkel or dive session. As part of BARE’s lightweight, layerable and versatile Exowear line, the Exowear Hooded Vest lends extra warmth to your core and head and prevents brain freeze so you can harvest more surf or extend your time underwater.

Tapping into our OmniRed Technology, Exowear’s heat-capturing fabric contains over a dozen thermo-reactive minerals that use your own body temperature to increase warm-and-cozy performance. An inner layer, membrane and outer layer comprise Exowear’s 3-Layer fabric that protects from the elements. These layers are water repellant, windproof, breathable, quick-drying, wicking, and antimicrobial. So even after repeated use and all-day adventure, it stays stench-and-mold resistant.

For maximum maneuverability, Exowear Hooded Vest offers protection for your core, while allowing for maximum mobility with large arm holes. Great as a standalone product or under a wetsuit for additional warmth.


OMNIRED™ Infrared Technology applies 13 thermo-reactive minerals woven into the suit’s fabric to convert outbound body heat into infrared energy and reflect it back to your body. Infrared energy has been proven to improve the body’s circulation. Increased circulation improves oxygen levels in the body, enabling you to use less energy, improve overall warmth and increase your time in the water.


Exowear is BARE’s most versatile line of exposure protection garments, available in Full Suits, Jackets, Tops, Pants, Shorts, and Accessories. Mix & Match Exowear’s lightweight and layerable exposure protection to suit every adventure.

From cold water to warm, the Exowear Hooded Vest is designed and engineered for layerability. It makes an excellent standalone for all-day surf sessions or the perfect supplement under your drysuit or wetsuit for added thermal protection when the conditions start dipping. Extend your session in the water, increase your comfort level and dive headfirst into adventure with the Exowear Hooded Vest.


  • Maximum maneuverability with large armholes for mobility and comfort
  • Ideal as a standalone product or under a wetsuit for additional warmth
  • Packaged in a cardboard box



  • Flat seam stitching throughout for maximum flexibility, stretch and comfort


  • OMNIRED™ Technology increases heat retention
  • 3-Layer Fabric Technology blocks wind and chill
  • 4-Way Stretch supports dynamic movement
  • 3D Pattern for optimal shape and fit
  • 2MM Elastek full stretch neoprene at face for comfort and sealing
  • Exowear slows thermal loss by 36% at 1ATM of pressure (proven in controlled lab thermal testing)