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Aqualung Helix Regulator

Brand: Aqualung

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The Aqualung Helix is an affordable yet, technologically advanced scuba diving regulator designed for new and experienced divers seeking the ultimate in performance, comfort, and breath control while remaining affrodable enought for the casual diver.

Here are some of its key features:

  • Balanced design: Delivers effortless inhalation at any depth for smooth, comfortable breathing.
  • High-performance first stage: Ensures consistent air delivery regardless of tank pressure or breathing rate.
  • Adjustable second stage: Fine-tune inhalation effort for personalized breathing comfort.
  • Dynamic flow design: Maximizes airflow and minimizes breathing resistance.
  • Durable construction: Built with high-quality materials for long-lasting reliability in harsh underwater environments.

With its innovative design and advanced features, the Aqualung Helix is the perfect regulator for discerning scuba divers who demand the best.


    • Lightweight
    • Compact
    • Easy to breathe
    • Customizable
    • Cold-water compatible
    • Nitrox compatible
    • Recreational diving
    • Technical diving