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Oceanic Delta 50 Regulator

Brand: Oceanic

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Oceanic Delta 50 Regulator: Celebrate 50 Years of Smooth Breathing 

The Oceanic Delta 50 Regulator commemorates Oceanic's heritage of innovation with a high-performance, limited-edition regulator designed for exceptional breathwork. This regulator offers reliable airflow, comfortable use, and cold-water performance, making it ideal for various diving adventures.

Key Features (Limited Edition):

  • All-Metal Pneumatic Valve: Ensures superb breathing performance across depths and conditions.
  • Dynamic Adjustment Technology (DAT): Delivers consistent and effortless inhalation throughout your dive.
  • Heat Exchanger: Enhances cold-water performance by mitigating gas temperature drop during inhalation.
  • Orthodontic Mouthpiece: Provides a comfortable and secure fit for extended dives.
  • DIN or Yoke Compatible (depending on the model): Choose the connection option that suits your tank valve.

Benefits for Divers:

  • Smooth and Easy Breathing: Enjoy comfortable inhalation regardless of depth or breathing rate.
  • Reliable Performance: The all-metal valve ensures consistent air delivery for worry-free dives.
  • Enhanced Cold-Water Performance: Breathe comfortably even in frigid environments.
  • Maximum Comfort: The orthodontic mouthpiece minimizes jaw fatigue during long dives.
  • Versatility: Compatible with various tank configurations (DIN or Yoke).

Ideal for:

    • Recreational scuba divers seeking a high-performance and reliable regulator.
    • Technical divers who prioritize consistent and easy airflow.
    • Cold-water divers who require a regulator that performs well in low temperatures.
    • Divers who appreciate a comfortable mouthpiece for extended dives.