Suunto Tank Pod Multi (For Eon Steel, Core and D5)

Brand: Suunto

The Suunto Tank POD Multi Transmitter for EON and D5 allows you to quickly and easily view your tank pressure from your EON wrist computer. No more reaching aimlessly for a tangled up pressure gauge. The multi transmitter is a wireless tank pressure transmitter that works similarly to a Bluetooth device you use with your smartphone. With the new Tank POD and EON computer you can seamlessly connect up to 10 different transmitters for multi tank diving.

Suunto has reworked their pairing procedure. All you have to do is pressurize the system and hold your EON close to the Tank POD for pairing. An easy guide menu will show on the screen displaying the Tank POD serial number, battery status and tank pressure. The Tank POD provides a labeling field for multi tank/POD use and is transmittable up to 6' (1.8 meters) maximum. Additionally, a green blinking light on the Tank POD will illuminate when paired and transmitting. The Transmitter POD is powered by a user replaceable 1/2AA 3V lithium battery and comes with a user guide.


Suunto Tank POD Transmitter for EON/D5 Dive Computer Features

  • Suunto Tank POD Multi Transmitter
  • Compatibility: EON Steel Wrist Computer, D5
  • Labeling Field for Organization when Using to Monitor Several Tanks
  • Up to 10 Simultaneously Assignable Suunto Tank POD's
  • Maximum Transmission Distance: 6' (1.8 meters)
  • Air Pressure at a Glance
  • Eliminates Pressure Gauge Hose
  • Streamlines Divers Profile
  • Power: User Replaceable 1/2AA 3V Lithium Battery
  • Battery Rated for 2 Years at 100 Dives/Year
  • Weight: 3.63 oz. (103 g)
  • Blinking Green Light shows pairing and data transmission
  • New, easy syncing
  • EON Display POD Number, Battery Life & Tank Pressure for Each POD
  • Only Compatible w/Suunto EON Steel Wrist Computer
  • User Guide
  • 24 Month Warranty