Search and Recovery

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Brand: SSI

Search and Recovery

We've all been there.You're having a great time on the boat and then SPLASH, a BCD weight pocket falls off the boat. You say, "No problem, the water is crystal clear I should be able to find this no problem", only to find that it is no where to be found once you get down there. 

What if you do find it? Is it safe to bring that up by hand using the air from your BCD? OF COURSE NOT! 

In the SSI Search and Recovery class you will learn how to safely deal with both of these problems and so much more. 

You will learn how to search for missing and lost items using a variety of search patterns and navigation techniques, learning which pattern is best for any given situation. 

More importantly you will learn how to get the items you find safely back to the surface using advanced underwater knot tying skills and lift bags made primarily for the task at hand. 

The class is a two to three day comprehensive course consisting of one classroom session to learn our knots and take our final exam, one pool/confined water session to safely practice you new skills and one open water session consisting of two dives to put what we learned in the classroom and confined water/pool into practice! 

While the SSI Search and Recovery Class is one of the most challenging courses you can take as a recreational diver, it is also one of the most rewarding classes. 

Since it's strongly recommended that you complete the SSI Navigation course we are offering a special price if you take both courses together and those two classes together. Just click which option works best for you and let's take your diving to the next level!