Diver Stress and Rescue Only

Brand: SSI

Have you even been on a boat and asked yourself what if this happened....

Here at OTA not only will we teach you to be a good diver but we also teach you how to be an even better Dive Buddy.

What would you do if something happened to your buddy underwater? Sometimes a simple thing like a blown O-ring can turn into a potential stress situation. What would you do if a random person suddenly came up to you in a panic and wanted your regulator? Are you equipped to handle these and many more possible situations? 

The SSI Stress & Rescue Class will teach you all these important skills. This is the most important class you will even take outside of your Open Water Class. This class alongside the SSI React Right First Aid CPR/O2/AED bundle will give you all the skills you need to be confident in AND out of the water, in the unlikely event of an emergency. 

Even if you never encounter an emergency situation, this course will give you the confidence of knowing that you are fully able to deal with any stressful or emergency situations that might arise. 

Parents, do your kids dive? Do you have the confidence to handle any possible situation that might come up? This class will allow you and your family to dive with the confidence that comes from knowing that all of you can deal with anything that can come up. This allows you to dive worry free because you have the skills and training to deal with anything that could come up.  

Parents/couples ask about a free upgrade to a private course for you and your family!

Here at OTA we believe in family first and that the family that dives together is the family that stays together!! That's why we offer private classes for families for no additional cost! Please call 855 OTA DIVE for more details as spaces for this offer fill up VERY QUICKLY!