XR Trim Single Backmount

$819.95 $729.95
Brand: Mares XR
The XR-Rec Trim Single Backmount Set offers perfect trim adjustment, helping the Extended Range diver find the perfect trim required for technical diving.

Divers can now easily adjust their set to create a custom fit and perfect their buoyancy in minutes.

The redesigned aluminium back plate (with a 'skeleton' design) reduces excess weight, making it ideal for travel. In addition, its volume has been reduced by 40% compared to the previous version, contributing to improved stability and trim.

Two tank straps are attached to the tank adapter. Stainless steel screws make adjusting the tank adapter safe and easy.To improve comfort when diving, Mares has included a soft back panel, padding in the lower back area and removable shoulder padding.

Two aluminium D-rings on the waist strap allow for stage tanks to be attached. The stainless steel belt buckle has a silver ceramic coating, making it extremely durable.

Mares has made the shoulder straps independent of the waist belt to make customising the XR-Rec Trim quick and easy.

The XR-REC Trim is available in four colour options: black, white, blue and aqua.

The main features of the XR-Rec Trim Single Backmount Set are:

• A 17 litre, 1000D Cordura, single backmount bladder
• The lower part of the bladder is longer compared to traditional bladders for greater buoyancy in the lower back area
• Ergonomic overpressure valve placement facilitates use in all diving positions
• Quick waist strap adjustment - a quick and easy solution for achieving the ideal trim
• Buckles on both shoulder straps
• Independent shoulder and waist straps for quick, easy adjustment
• Padded shoulder straps for extra comfort
• An adjustable crotch strap with 2 back plate attachments for improved comfort and stability
• An inflator with metal buttons
• A 3 mm aluminium back plate with 'skeleton' design
• A 3 mm aluminium single tank adapter
• 6 mm aluminium D-rings
• 2 tank straps

• Ultra lightweight, weighing only 2.8kg/6lb

• 4 colours available: black, blue, and aqua
• One size fits all
• Perfect for travelling