XR-REC ICE Single Backmount Set

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Brand: Mares XR

XR-REC ICE Single Backmount Set is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

All the comfort and adjustability of a traditional BCD with the ruggedness of a backplate and wing.

Here at OTA Diving we have a saying when it comes to backplate and wings. We say it's the BCD that you will EVENTUALLY OWN. With the Mares XR-Rec Silver Backmount BCD we finally have a complete system that makes the transition from "traditional BCD" to a Backplate and Wing setup easy. 

We have found that a good majority of our travel guests are looking for something more durable and modular than the traditional BCD offers scuba divers. The vendors have heard this but no one system offered the simplicity of the Backplate and Wing setup, with the adjustability and comfort of a traditional BCD, without becoming overly complicated, thus defeating the reason for such a setup. While there have been some great attempts, no one BCD has captured the essence of being a truly Tec-reational rig, that is until now.  

Enter the Mares XR-REC ICE Single Backmount Set. Everything that makes a backplate and wing the number one choice amongst serious Technical and Extended Range Divers combined with the comfort features and ability to travel easily that recreational divers demand. 

Combined with the modularity of this BCD you will see that this will be the last BCD that you will ever need. Change the way you dive, you can simply change the wing to accommodate diving with multiple tanks. Want to dive a more traditional continuous wing harness, no worries, just purchase additional webbing, and now you have the traditional backplate and wing setup. 

Looking for a travel BCD? Look no further, this is one of the lightest BCD's on the market. 

Worried that a metal plate on your back might feel uncomfortable? No worries! With just enough padding to allow you to wear this with little or no wetsuit, but not so much padding to make the BCD bulky. The Mares XR-Rec Silver Backmount BCD is truly the 1st Tec-reational BCD that can be enjoyed by everyone. 

Teaching your kids to Scuba and worried that they will outgrow their gear by the time they finish their class, once again NO WORRIES! With near infinite adjustability, this rig can be configured to fit anyone and more importantly grow and shrink with anyone as well.  

What if something breaks/fails on the BCD? The beauty of such a modular setup is that you do not have to buy a new BCD or make a risky and half-hearted repair. Since every component on this is replaceable you can rest assured that you will find the spares you need to make sure this rig is in tip-top shape for decades to come. 

The best part of this rig is it is what we called a standardized rig. That means that parts from other vendors' backplate and wing setups will work with this rig and vice versa. 

Right now this is only being sold as a complete unit, but if you need individual, user changeable parts, just call us at (855) OTA-DIVE, and we can get you the individual parts that you need.

This rig will do literally every kind of diving (with maybe the exception of sidemount diving) that you can ever imagine, everything from entry level to rebreather can be done with this rig, and it can be done with the confidence of diving a BCD from a manufacture with over 70 years of experience making Scuba Gear. 

Mares XR-Rec Ice single Backmount Set

The XR-Rec Ice single Backmount Set is the perfect companion for all cold water technical divers. To increase the durability of this backmount set, Mares has replaced all the aluminum components of the first version with stainless steel. The stainless steel backplate allows for double tank strap configuration while the stainless steel D-rings and buckles increase strength and offer a unique look.

To improve comfort during the dive, Mares has included back padding and shoulder protection. The XR-Rec Ice also includes two removable side weight pockets with D-rings. These optional pockets close with VELCRO Brand closures and one pocket is extendable for storing accessories. Available in one size, this set allows divers to create a customized fit thanks to the fully adjustable harness.


  • 16l standard single tank donut
  • 6 mm 316 stainless steel backplate
  • 6 mm D-rings in 316 stainless steel
  • 316 stainless steel buckle
  • Standard harness strap
  • A 316 stainless steel quick-release buckle
  • An inflator with metal buttons
  • 2 tank straps with 316 stainless steel buckles
  • A top handle
  • New padding for the back and shoulders
  • Flat head bolt screws
  • 2 detachable side weight pockets with D-rings and VELCRO Brand closures (one pocket is extendable)