Oceanic Atmos BCD

Brand: Oceanic

Oceanic Atmos BCD: Durable Back-Inflate for Comfort and Stability 

Divers seeking a reliable and feature-rich back-inflate BCD need look no further than the Oceanic Atmos. This buoyancy compensator (BCD) delivers a comfortable fit, effortless buoyancy control, and ample weight capacity for recreational scuba divers.

Key Features:

  • Durable Hybrid Back-Inflation Bladder: Provides exceptional stability at depth and on the surface, with a unique design that maximizes lift and trim.
  • Integrated Weight System (Pinch & Release): Conveniently shed 20 lbs (9 kg) of weight for quick ascents and streamlined dives.
  • Non-Releasable Trim Weight Capacity (10 lbs / 4.5 kg): Fine-tune buoyancy for perfect horizontal trim.
  • Padded Backplate with Extended Lumbar Support: Transfers tank weight to hips, reducing shoulder strain for enhanced comfort throughout dives.
  • Multiple D-Rings and Attachment Points: Streamline your dive gear with easy access to clips, lights, and instruments.
  • Adjustable Cummerbund: Creates a personalized fit for various body types and layering options.

Benefits for Divers:

  • Stable and Streamlined Diving: Enjoy exceptional buoyancy control and trim thanks to the innovative back-inflation design.
  • Effortless Weight Management: Integrated weight pouches with Pinch & Release system allow for quick weight ditching.
  • Comfortable Diving Experience: Padded backplate and lumbar support ensure comfort during extended dives.
  • Customization Options: Multiple D-rings and adjustable cummerbund provide a tailored fit for various needs.
  • Streamlined Gear Organization: Attach essential dive equipment with ease using conveniently placed D-rings.

Ideal for:

  • Recreational scuba divers seeking a comfortable and feature-rich back-inflate BCD.
  • Divers who prioritize stability and effortless buoyancy control.
  • Divers who appreciate a customizable and adjustable BCD for various dive styles.