Cairo Tour


Welcome to the ASYLUM!! The Cairo portion of our journey will include all the highlights of Cairo in one action packed day. The bus will meet us all at a central location where we will begin our journey through Cairo's fast paced streets to see one of the last remaining ancient wonder of the world, The Fabulous Pyramids of Giza! Here you have the option of actually entering the Great Pyramid for an additional fee ($10-$12).  

Next we'll go to the Egyptian Museum where the museum itself is part of the attraction.  Priceless antiquities and the complete Tutankhamun golden treasures.  Mummy room is $10 extra however you will see several mummies in the general museum. 

Next we'll have a delicious and traditional bbq lunch with plentiful of salads, bread and hummus. 

We'll take a Falucca trip on the Nile River and get a completely new view of the Ancient city of Cairo.  

We'll then visit the Khan el Khalili Bazaar, a 14th Century Market that is set in the visually stunning Medieval twisted streets of Old Cairo.  You'll find everything from soup, spices, hand crafted leather goods and metalwork trays and tables.