Belize Island Getaway


Turneffe Flats, Belize
Beach Sunsets at Turneffe are cause for celebration!

We can’t think a of a better place to get Outside The Asylum than Turneffe Flats Resort in Belize.  This place is a true gem in the Caribbean.  On offer is fantastic dive sites, great food, stunning scenery and as much relaxation or adventure you can handle.

Belize’s Atolls consistently ranks among the World’s top dive locations and Turneffe Flats is ideally located to take advantage of Belize’s very best Scuba diving. Their extaordinary dive program offers 18 dives each week including a day of diving at Lighthouse Reef and the Blue Hole, weather permitting.

They have easy access to more than  60 dive sites around Turneffe Atoll, the largest and most biologically-diverse coral atoll in the Western Hemisphere, and are within an hour’s boat ride to the Blue Hole.  At Turneffe Flats, they offer true valet dive service.  After putting your dive gear on your porch the first morning, it is washed and set up on the dive boat the remainder of the week.  All you need to do is walk to the dive boat after a delicious breakfast and head for one of the exceptional dive sites.

They emphasize personalized service for a limited number of divers and typically we are the only divers on the reef!  Their superb dive team is led by Belize’s Tour Guide of the Year,  Alex Edwards, and they make every effort to ensure that your stay at Turneffe’s tropical paradise is as comfortable and carefree as possible.

Trip Details

Length of stay:

7 Night/ 6 Day Saturday to Saturday:

2018 Diver: Jan 1- Jun 24, 2018 $2790 per person (plus tax)

2018 Diver: June 23, 2018 to Dec 22, 2018:  $2590 (plus tax)

2017 SEASON Diver:  June 24, 2017 to Dec 16, 2017:  $2590 (plus tax)

NON-Diver:  7 Night/ 6 Day Atoll Adventure Package Jan 1- Jun 24, 2017 $2,590 per person (plus tax)

Low SEASON NON-Diver:  7 Night/ 6 Day Atoll Adventure Package June 24, 2017 to Dec 16, 2017:  $2390 (plus tax)




Packages Include:                                 

  • Trip to Blue Hole/Lighthouse Reef (weather permitting)
  • Park entrance fees –  when you Book with OTA– we take care of the fees!
  • Saturday & Wednesday airport  transfers (car and boat transfers)
  • Lodging at Turneffe Flats – Beach Cabana, Reef Villa, Garden Villa
  • Daily guided 3 Dives a Day
  • One Night Dive
  • Three excellent made to order meals daily plus pre-dinner hors d’oeuvres
  • Unlimited use of ocean front infinity pool, internet, sea kayaks, beachfront snorkeling and gym

 Packages Do Not Include:

  • Belizean taxes
  • Bar tab, gratuities, & equipment rental if needed
  • Additional transfers on days other than Saturday and Wednesdays
  • Rountrip airfare to Belize City
  • Nitrox
  • Dive and Trip Insurance


For non-divers or those that want to explore the atoll’s wild topside the Atoll  Adventure is a fantastic package offering daily guided snorkeling at the best sites, wildlife sightseeing tours for Manatees, saltwater crocodile, and dolphins, and interactive eco-tours around the atoll with a renowned guide.


A Typical Days Diving

Turneffe Dive Sites, Belize
Turneffe Dive Sites

Following a great breakfast, a typical dive day begins at 8:00 and includes three boat dives. Depending on our dive location, we either return to the resort  for lunch or pack a  lunch.  Travel to our dive sites takes from ten minutes to an hour with our longest trip to the Blue Hole. On Blue Hole day we leave between 7:00 and 7:30 AM which often makes us the first boat at the site. Our weekly night dive is usually on Wednesday evening; and we generally dive the Elbow, at the Southern tip of Turneffe, later in the week.  On Fridays, we do two or three dives depending on divers flights the following day.

Turneffe Flat’s location on the Eastern side of the Turneffe Atoll allows us to choose dive sites each day based on the weather and our divers’ interests. Since there are exceptional dive sites ringing the entire atoll, we have the ability to plan our day around whatever Mother Nature may bring. Regardless or the weather,  we are generally within 10-30 minutes of the selected dive site.


The Blue Hole & Half Moon Caye

A high light of any dive vacation in  Belize is a trip to the Blue Hole and Lighthouse Atoll.  The resort’s location offers excellent access to the Blue Hole, and, weather permitting, a weekly trip to the Blue Hole is a standard part of our Dive Program.  This is  a full day trip with the the initial dive at the Blue Hole generally  followed by Half Moon Hall and  the Aquarium.  A mid-day stop at Half Moon Caye for a picnic lunch and a visit to the Red Footed Boobie Bird Sanctuary is a highlight.

The Blue Hole, Belize
A unique and unforgettable adventure!

Pioneered by Jacques Yves Cousteau in the early 70’s, The Great Belize Blue Hole has become Belize’s most famous dive site. The hole is a “karst-eroded sinkhole” formed when the roof of a cave, in an underground tunnel complex, collapsed. When sea levels rose at the end of the Ice Age, the once dry cave filled with sea water producing the hole that now measures 1000 feet across with a depth of over 460 feet. It is a Marine Protected Area and a UNESCO World Heritage site. The rim of the Blue Hole and the surrounding lagoon is only a few feet deep and excellent for snorkeling.

As you descend over the edge, through a thermocline at around 50 feet, big groupers, snappers and horse-eye jacks come to investigate. Deeper still, with your eyes adjusting to the low light, blacktip sharks can be seen slowly patrolling the depths. At approximately 110 feet, the first limestone ledge appears and immense stalactites hang from the ceiling. On your slow ascent back to the edge of the hole, spotted morays can be found in crevices and on the wall crest, you return to the domain of the parrotfish and angelfish.

Red Footed Booby, Half Moon Caye, Belize
Red Footed Booby on Half Moon Caye

After a picnic lunch on the island of Half Moon Caye and a visit to the Red Footed Bobby Bird Sanctuary,  we head back underwater. Click here for more info on Lighthouse Reef activities.

The Cathedral is aptly named, with coral spires and towers that rise up from the seafloor in large segments. Numerous sandy passageways lead you through the coral reef, out to the wall at 45 to 60 feet and into the brilliant blue. Sheet corals cover the wall and soft corals and rope sponges extend several feet. The top of the reef is a breathtaking coral garden and every nook and cranny teems with orange, red & yellow sponges. The sand is home to colonies of garden eels and gigantic southern stingrays lie in wait with only their eyes protruding. Black groupers, blue parrotfish and hogfish are regulars and yellowtail snappers escort you throughout your dive.

Lighthouse Reef off Half Moon Caye, Belize, is a major highlight of our Blue Hole Excursion with it's plunging walls and magnificent swim throughs.
Lighthouse Reef off Half Moon Caye is a major highlight of our Blue Hole Excursion with it’s plunging walls and magnificent swim throughs.

We tend to finish our day at Lighthouse at one of the shallow sites off Long Caye. The Aquarium with its variety of corals, invertebrates and profusion of reef fish is a very good spot for underwater photography. Big coral heads are dominated by mountainous star coral and at a depth of 40 feet orange elephant ear sponges grow out from the wall. Iridescent azure vase sponges and blue bell tunicates add to the color of this site and decorator crabs and neck crabs are can be seen clinging to the sea fans.



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